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Our company specialized in maintenance and restoration services for natural and artificial stone covered surfaces including cleaning, protection, grinding and polishing.

You can rely on our services! Hundreds of natural stones all with different properties are mined at Turkey: the country that has a significant portion of the natural stone reserves in the world. That is why we have a great experience in every kind of stone. It does not matter for us that your surface made by any kind of natural stone supplied from any place in the world, we can provide a perfect maintenance and care services for any kind of stones.

Uytas Corp. draws attention with quality insight that gives the customer satisfaction top priority. Our mission is oppressed with this insight and clenched by our references works.

Our Objectives


As a requirement of its founding philosophy, Uytas Corp. aims to provide complete solutions to its customers in the maintenance and protection of natural and artificial stones and has successfully carried out its activities under this principle up to the present.

Our principal objective is to bring dynamism to the sector and provide the best services to our valuable customers with this dynamism. Our main goal is to place customer satisfaction to the top with our innovative perspective and expert team.

Thanks to our long-term sector experience and ambition to work, for 19 years we see every obstacle we overcame as a step towards success and we always aim to provide better services to our customers.

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