Crystallizator Liquid for Marble and Terrazzo

Klindex Marble & Terrazzo floor crystallization liquid used to maintain polished marble and terrazzo floor surfaces. Kristallux floor is still allowed to “breathe” through microscopic pores of the stone.

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Lithofin Cement and Mortar Residues Remover

In order to remove cement and mortar residues, acidic cleaners are required. Simply “covering” these residues
with oil or wax based products is not a real solution because the residues will reappear on the surface.
Lithofin CEMENT-AWAY effortlessly removes surface residues such as mortar and cement, efflorescence.

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Lithofin Wetlook Impregantor – Colour Intensifier

Lithofin Stain Stop PLUS is for making absorbent ceramic, terracotta, natural- and engineered stone surfaces stain resistant and at the same time intensifying their colour structure.
The protective component will last for about three years. Indoors, the durability depends on the care products used. Strong degreasing agents and layer forming products are not suitable.

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Multi Function Professional Grinding/Polishing Machine

Italian made of the GIAGUAR 450 is a fast professional grinding/polishing machine, easily handled and really high-performance. It grinds rapidly, leaving a smooth and homogeneous surface. Conceived for work in small-medium areas, flats and civil applications. Perfect for all types of flooring and work processes, from grinding to polishing of marble, granite, Terrazzo, concrete and industrial floorings, from the preparation of floors

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